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  • Album Name:Nearby
  • Genre:Other
  • Year:2018
  • Artist:Alright Alright
  • Title:Little Girls, Little Birds
  • Billy Thin's joint:Alright Alright is an eclectic Americana/folk band that creates powerful connections with audiences through honest stories performed with grit and heart. Influenced by a wide variety of musical genres and drawing on life experience gained from being married and parents, this vibrant duo has been building a catalog of music since 2005. While China Kent is a Vanderbilt-trained pianist with 30+ years of musical experience, Seth Kent is a self-taught musician who relies on instinct and intuition. Denver's Westword wrote about them: "Nuts and bolts, this is piano-driven Americana music, but there’s a dab of folk in there, some rock, and a healthy dose of vaudevillian cabaret. Think 'A Clockwork Orange' meets Edith Piaf meets Tori Amos."
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DESCRIPTION: by China Kent “Little Girls, Little Birds,” written in a rustic hut high up in the snow-covered Rocky Mountains of Colorado, is songwriter China Kent’s anthem to the resilience and strength embodied in the experience of womanhood. As a child, China played classical piano to drown out the chaos that surrounded her in her home, and now, as an adult, it is songwriting that helps her make cosmos out of life’s chaos. This song is her self-described way of teasing out some order, some sense from her childhood pain. It’s also her pep talk to herself. Her way of saying, ‘Look what you’ve overcome… Look how far away that old story is…" It’s also China’s way of telling other women like her that it is possible to “seek solace amid decay.” Exploring the concept of music as an agent of healing, China marvels, "It’s so miraculous that we were designed to heal ourselves. This way of entering a deep place through song and doing a little healing work each time I play is the most magical thing about my human experience.” Little Girls, Little Birds’ soundscape is cinematically grandiose and is a testament to that healing power.

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