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  • Album Name:Dovetale
  • Genre:indie pop
  • Year:2019
  • Artist:Krief
  • Title:The Moon Is On My Shoulder
  • Band:Krief
  • Billy Thin's joint:A truly solo endeavor — Krief plays all the instruments on Dovetale — the album was recorded and mixed between Krief’s home studio and Mixart in his home base of Montreal. It echoes dream pop and shoegaze as well as the classic pop, rock, and folk that have always been Krief’s songwriting foundation as the former co-writer and guitarist with Montreal “orchestral pop noir” band the Dears, a position he filled for over a decade.  RIYL:  The Dears, Sam Roberts Band, Wintersleep, Half Moon Run, The Franklin Electric, Pat Watson. 
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DESCRIPTION: This is a song about infatuation and how much more powerful that can feel than the fundamentals of true love. How dangerous it could be to mistake infatuation for true love, and how such infatuations could cause idealization, allow you to rationalize making poor choices, and even cause you to put on a façade in order to appease the subject of your desire. Anything really, to satiate this impulse to be with this glowing human being, who as it turns out is 99% fabricated by your own imagination.   

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