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  • Album Name:Butter
  • Genre:Other
  • Year:2018
  • Artist:Karen Jonas
  • Title:Mama's First Rodeo
  • Billy Thin's joint:"Butter" mixes the textured twang of Karen Jonas’s folk and country roots with the diverse influences of ragtime, blues, jazz, and barroom soul. It’s her broadest, boldest album to date, with songs that anchor themselves in Southern storytelling. "Butter" is a retro-minded album for the modern age. “My first two albums featured a lot of heartbroken songs,” she explains. “That didn’t feel authentic for this album. 'Butter' is about my story now, as a working musician and mother — about the challenges of each role and, especially, the challenge of balancing the two. It’s about baking my cake and eating it, too.” "Butter" was tracked in her hometown of Fredericksburg, VA, and Jonas would head over to the studio after putting her kids to bed. Tim Bray, her guitarist and musical partner for nearly half a decade, joined her for those nighttime recording sessions, as did a number of other musicians who laced "Butter"’s ten songs with pedal steel, B3 organ, upright piano, layers of guitar, and vintage-sounding, seven-piece horn arrangements.
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DESCRIPTION: “Don’t try to bullshit me, darling, this ain’t mama’s first rodeo.” Seriously though! Nobody’s got time for wasting time. We were trying to build a team for our second album release and ran into some of the wrong characters. "Mama’s First Rodeo" is a tongue-in-cheek comeback to a Grade A world class big-talking time-waster. We had fun dressing it up as a campy country shuffle with the twangy guitar, pedal steel, and big tambourine.

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