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  • Album Name:Daylight
  • Genre:indie folk
  • Year:2018
  • Artist:Angela Josephine
  • Title:Face to the Wind (Finale)
  • Band:Angela Josephine
  • Billy Thin's joint:This project is at once a folk-rock opera and personal exploration; the listener is drawn into the narrative of a woman caught in the dark night and her revelatory journey toward soul. Recorded in Detroit and Ann Arbor, MI with producer Chris Bathgate, Daylight expands the sonic palette of Josephine’s work as well as showcasing her on a variety of instruments (guitar, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, piano, Wurlitzer, organ, synth). From the cinematic prelude to the haunting finale, an expansive landscape of wilderness unfolds with unexpected beauty and lush discovery. Bathgate contributes vocals for the sultry, powerhouse of a song called “Go Easy,” which leaves one wondering if it is a break-up song or a song about identity. Over the course of her music releases, Josephine’s words have always had a way of peeling back the superficial, stripping us down to raw experience. Tony Cummings of Cross Rhythms Magazine UK says, “Angela Josephine shows herself to be a poetic songwriter able to pen songs that get under the shield of the post-modern muse with power and poignancy.” She has been compared to “a modern, female Nick Drake” (David Faulkner, CRD), while Northern Express reviewer Kristi Kates cited “a more jaded Sarah McLachlan.”
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DESCRIPTION: "Face to the Wind," the final song of this album, is not a song of answers, but rather one of reconciliation. It is a personal invitation - an invitation to all - to "taste the bread and the wine," to engage in holy communion with life. It is a call to the redemptive process. My EP, "Stone Bright Solid – Volume 1," was the first step in the journey to explore the dark night. This song closes with a reprise of the song "Stone Bright Solid" on cello and hammered dulcimer. This reprise signals an emergence in awareness, in complete understanding of our brokenness but standing singularly in its raw form as a statement of acceptance to all the life found in our darkness on the road to hope and joy.

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