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  • Album Name:Take It Slow
  • Year:2018
  • Artist:Katherine Evans
  • Title:Take It Slow (Remaster 1-3)
  • Billy Thin's joint:Katherine Evans is an indie pop singer/songwriter from New York. She graduated from University of Miami and is now living in California, ready to take on the music scene in LA. She put out her first single, Take It Slow, in December. Take It Slow explores the temporary rush of escapism, while grooving like a party anthem. Katherine’s first full-length EP is in the works.
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DESCRIPTION: “I wrote Take It Slow my second year of college, while sitting in an old practice room, thinking about a party I had gone to the night before. I was obsessed with figuring out why we party; why we long to get so far away from ourselves sometimes. I think there’s a beauty in escapism—in letting go and allowing ourselves to be wild, uncensored, and out of character for a night. I wanted to capture that feeling.” - Katherine Evans

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