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  • Album Name:The Writers Trilogy
  • Year:0012
  • Artist:Late Sea
  • Title:Ring The Bells
  • Billy Thin's joint:Late Sea is a Brooklyn based avant-rock band led by composer and multi-instrumentalist Izzy Gliksberg. The group is known for their dark ambient grooves that carry Izzy’s enigmatic Leonard Cohen-like lyrics. Late Sea are an established act in the NY music scene with regular performances at House of Yes, National Sawdust, Rough Trade ,Drom, Apple Studios, and Pete's Candy Store amongst others. The band draws inspiration from lyrical, song-based acts such as Nick Cave and Tom Waits, but their approach to production and musical arrangement is influenced by forward thinking, experimental acts such as Nicolas Jaar, Radiohead, and James Blake. Late Sea were the first and only music act ever to receive the prestigious KSF Artist of Choice Award where they collaborated with Emmy nominated director Andrey Alistratov and Producer Hazuki Aikawa to create their recently released visual EP The Writers Trilogy. Late Sea are: Izzy Gliksberg – vocals, guitars, and keyboards Sam Nester – trumpet and laptop Graham Dobby – drums Kalen Lister – keyboards and vocals 'like memories of lost loves, their music washes over you in waves of nostalgia and mystery' Song and Soul Magazine 'Haunting... stunning and in your face.' Impose Magazine 'Brings shivers up and down your spine' Audio Fuzz Magazine Our socials: https://www.facebook.com/LateSea/ https://www.instagram.com/_latesea_/ https://www.youtube.com/c/LateSeaOfficial http://www.lateseamusic.com Thanks!
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DESCRIPTION: Ode to Baruch Spinoza, a strange and beautiful man.

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