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  • Album Name:"Songs from the Suck"
  • Genre:Blues
  • Year:2016
  • Artist:Randy Steele
  • Title:Hard Givin'
  • Billy Thin's joint:My name is Randy Steele, I'm a banjo player/songwriter from Chattanooga Tennessee. I released this album publicly in the beginning of 2017, but I did a Chattanooga release in November 2016 and ran a 6 week campaign where every dollar raised by the album went to a local shelter called "Room in the Inn" that houses and educates homeless women and their children. I ended up raising over $2500. It was recorded at Fame studios in Muscle Shoals Alabama and at The Soundry in Chattanooga Tennessee. The word "Suck" in the title is a reference to Suck Creek on the Tennessee River, which is located by my house. It was named the Suck by early settlers and rivermen before the river was dammed and controlled by TVA. It was known as being one of the most treacherous spots on the river where if you made it past the rapids you still might get attacked by Cherokee Indians around the bend from the Suck. Muscle Shoals was another famed deadly spot on the river.
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DESCRIPTION: This song sounds like it's about rebuilding a wheel on a train but it is actually a play on the word "bearing". Bearing being both a small metal ball that makes up a Ball Bearing on a wheel and a direction in which one is traveling. It features the members of Slim Pickins Bluegrass and a fantastic Chattanooga based drummer named Adam Brown as the back up band and continues to be a part of that band's repertoire. You can find the entire album at www.randysteelemusic.com Hope you like it!

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