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  • Album Name:Change EP
  • Artist:Twiin Souls
  • Title:something's always missing
  • Billy Thin's joint:Twiin Souls is the pop/rock project of Connecticut native singer-songwriter Thomas Aimi. He's been playing guitar, singing, and composing songs since he was only 12 years old. Throughout those years, he's been involved with many different genres of music including: Punk, Rock, Pop/Punk, Indie, Hardcore, Metal, Post-Hardcore, Jazz, Blues, Orchestral, Choir, A Cappella, Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Folk, and more. Now at the age of 29, he left his job, family, friends, and life in CT for a US tour in support of Twiin Soul's second album release "Phases of the Moon." The end of the tour brings a new chance at success in music, where he will be rooting his life in southern California. His dream is to write music and lyrics for a living. Whether it's one of his own personal projects or something he's writing for someone else, he is determined to make this dream come true.
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DESCRIPTION: "Something's Always Missing" is all about the defining moment when you realize that the person you were meant to love has been there all along. However, no matter what you try to do, you might just have noticed too late. This song is Track 7 on the "Change" EP released on 12/16/16. Track 6 is a musical intro to this song called "Beautiful Discord." All songs are available for streaming almost anywhere online!

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