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  • Album Name:Cure For an Existential Crisis
  • Artist:Jelly Cleaver
  • Title:mp3 03 ode to morrisey
  • Billy Thin's joint:For Jelly Cleaver, music is her philosophy and her therapy. Her debut album, ‘Cure for an Existential Crisis’ is a collection of four folk suites and one song to explore the crisis of living and the fear of death. Heavily inspired by the singer-songwriters of the 1960s and 70s like Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Tim Buckley, she draws from Americana and Psychedelic rock as well as traditional English folk songs. Having started playing the guitar aged five, she plays over ten different instruments on this album, including recorder, harmonica and mandolin. Her unique finger-picking style on electric guitar is the backdrop of the album, but there are also luscious arrangements for strings, flutes and horns. Singing in pubs and sitting in on folk share circles around County Durham while at university, she is adept at penning songs for lost loves and charming audiences with her ethereal voice. She combines her ponderings on existential philosophy with Romantic poetry and traditional folklore, set to a chamber folk soundtrack.
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DESCRIPTION: Dedicated to The Smith's frontman Morrissey, also has a Jimi Hendrix reference in it.

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