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  • Album Name:Midnight for a While
  • Year:2017
  • Artist:Walkwaves
  • Title:girls on snapchat [master2].04_01
  • Billy Thin's joint:Walkwaves have extended their boundaries and pushed their creativity to unexplored territory, growing as a band and refining their sound since the group’s debut in 2015. With many years of experience in the Canadian music scene, playing with their previous bands, these musicians were looking for a new artistic challenge; creating a blended sound that would stand them apart in their own new genre. This initial desire sparked curiosity and experimentation that ultimately led to the making of “A Day of Winter,” the group's first EP, released under the band's initial name "The Underneath". What started out as songs written on an acoustic guitar suddenly became infused with unexpected synthetic layers and electronic dance drum lines once the studio process began. This sparked a new way of thinking while producing music and was then channeled into efforts for the band’s first full length record. The new material was being written with hyper attention to detail directed to every sound recorded into the soundscape. This transformation in song writing even sparked a name change in the group, evolving into their new identity as "Walkwaves".    This experimentation is evident right from Midnight for a While’s opening track, “Get You Out”, which hits hard with big drum beats, dance grooves, and pulsating bass, all within the band’s signature atmospheric canvas and emotional vocal performances. Influences from late 80’s Depeche Mode to modern day EDM is evident throughout. The indie electro groups flexes its diverse song writing scope as the album progresses over to the retro inspired, fun, summertime song “Girls on Snapchat”, with its infectious melodies, feel good grooves, and modern lyrical play on social media culture. This Alt-Pop/Electronic band from Toronto, ON has found a way to produce an original, unique sound, using compositions of organic instruments, combined with multiple synthetic layers. Inspired by today’s artists like The 1975, The Neighbourhood, Young Empires, and a wide variety of music from the 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s, Walkwaves have found their own place somewhere in between with “Midnight for a While”. The mix of raw, emotional performances with modern electronics creates a live sound that is refined with stimulating additions.    Made up of two brothers, Matthew and Christopher Bundas, and a close childhood friend, Brian Mackay, the members of Walkwaves have full faith in one another and the music they represent.
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DESCRIPTION: Girls on Snapchat is a retro inspired, fun, summertime song with infectious melodies and feel good grooves, while being very modern lyrically in its way of playing on social media culture.

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