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Welcome to Songshooter

Welcome to a fun and easy way to meet new artists and get a free song every day. Songshooter.com gives you a legal download of the best song we've got-EVERY DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR! Our site is devoted to people who love music-and artists everywhere, AND is absolutely free.

It goes like this. Come to the site. Listen to the song. If you like it, click the keep it button. It downloads automatically. Add it to your library. Listen when you want. It’s yours. That's it!  Free.  Legal.

Visit every day. Get a free download every day.

BUT remember, people. If you want the song for free, you have to be there each day to get it. The song is only free on the day it's featured! After that, it's gone and you have to go get it somewhere that will probably cost .

We also give you two IMPORTANT blogs each day to heighten your entertainment experience. (OK, they're not necessarily important,but they always fall into the categories of fun or interesting or not.:) Oh... and it's always good feedback for the artist if you rate the song.  (We like it too!)

We look everywhere to find great music by a wide range of artists. For listeners, Songshooter is a way to get new music every day that you could have missed. For artists, Songshooter provides a unique way to expose your music to the world. We are the first site to offer your music to a captive audience, one that is focused for an entire day on only your song. It's a direct link to fans that might never hear you otherwise!

At Songshooter, our mission is to HAVE FUN!! (We mean it.) And yes, provide you with a new song every day, meet friendly people, and hear some great music and artists...

Come on into the joint and enjoy. peace, billy thin

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